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How to Replace Your Windows During the Holidays

By Admin December 21, 2022


Replacing your windows during the holiday season can be ideal for many homeowners. The cooler weather and flexible scheduling make the process much more enjoyable. However, you must be mindful of a few things if you want a smooth experience. The process of replacing your windows during the winter is slightly different than during the spring or summer. This article...

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Energy-Efficient Windows: How Much Can I Save?

By Admin November 3, 2022


With the rising cost of energy, homeowners all across Florida are searching for ways they can optimize their homes and save a little bit of cash on their monthly bills. One of the most common ways that people are choosing to be more energy-efficient is through window replacements. When you choose new window installation in Florida, not only will your...

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The Latest Smart Bathroom Remodeling Trends

By Admin August 31,2022


Your bathroom is an integral of your home when it comes to its value and functionality. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom and make sure it is up to date with current trends, then you should get a bathroom remodel done that follows current smart remodeling trends. Today, the expert bathroom remodelers here at FHIA Remodeling will go...

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Do Solar Heat Gains Matter in Your Replacement Windows?

By Admin August 12 ,2022


Did you know that about one-third of your home's heat gains and losses are due to your current windows? As a normal home owner, you may first notice drafts coming through your windows before ever thinking about energy efficiency and what those drafts are doing to your current energy bills. No matter what turns your thoughts to needing new replacement...

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Remodeling Projects to Complete in the Winter

By Admin February 21, 2022

Florida isn’t known to have cold winters – famously, Florida hosts some of the warmest weather in the U.S. during this season. Most people save remodeling projects for nicer weather, but there are several advantages to remodeling in cooler seasons, especially in Florida!  Remodeling contractors are generally less busy and have much more flexibility during the offseason. They can plan...

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How To Know It Is Time For New Windows

By Admin February 7, 2022

Replacing the windows in your home may seem intimidating at first, but if you choose the right replacement window company, the process can be simple and stress-free. If you are having difficulty trying to decide whether or not it’s time to replace your windows, keep reading to learn some of the warning signs.  If you notice that your window is...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Energy Efficiency

By Admin January 31, 2022

  Increasing your home’s energy efficiency can not only lower your electric bills, but they also help save the planet! While there are big changes you can make to drastically reduce your energy consumption, like new windows, there are also small changes you can make to start saving electricity right now!  Increase the Temperature When you’re away from home, make it...

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How to Keep Your Entryway Looking Welcoming

  Your entry door is the first impression that any visitor has to your house, so its importance cannot be understated! Here are some tips from your local remodeling experts on how to make sure your entryway looks welcoming and inviting for your guests.  Paint your door. Painting your door will not only give your entryway a visually interesting pop...

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By Admin January 18, 2022

Bath Safety Tips For The Elderly

By Admin January 10, 2022

Outside Of The Bathroom  Accessibility doesn’t only apply to the bathroom space! It’s important to ensure there is a clear path in and out of the bathroom. Be sure to remove all clutter or unnecessary objects from the hallways and entryways. We all know how it feels to stub a toe – ouch!  Even worse, trying to find your way...

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